Find out when competitors change their prices

Modified on Mon, 24 Apr 2023 at 04:07 PM

1. Click on the Analytics tab

2. You can now see the Market Activity section. On the upper side, you can find the chart with the price alterations in a timeline, and below there is a table with all the relevant data. 

3. Hovering over the chart, you can see the number of price increases/decreases for each time point across all shops and products.

4. You can select a specific shop through the shops dropdown list

5. You can also specify a specific time period for the results

6. You can refresh the data to get the most updated information or reset them to the initial state. 

8. In the table, there are 5 columns where you can find: 

  • Hour of Day: The specific time when the changes took place
  • Total changes: The number of changes that took place at that time
  • Increased: The total number of  price increases at that time
  • Decreased: The total number of price decreases at that time
  • Show All Products: Clicking on the eye button will show you all the products for the specific time

You can also sort each column by name

9. Below each header, you can find a search box to easily filter the data in each column

10.  If you wish to increase the number of visible entries click on the "Show entries" dropdown menu

11. You can download the data from the table by clicking on the download button above the table. 

12. You can drill down by clicking on a time point and you will be presented with all the data for this specific time.

13. You can further drill down to see more information about a specific shop by clicking on the shop's name.


14. From there you can once again drill down to category level until the actual product names by clicking on the category name 

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