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April 2023

Single Sign-On: Single sign-on (SSO) is an important cloud security technology that reduces all user application logins to one login for greater security and convenience. All our customers will now be able to activate it through the User Management page. The switch for enable/disable is only available for Admin Users while the others just see the information if it is enabled. With this function, all our customers can connect either their corporate Google Workspace account, or their corporate Active Directory Account, and more, with our platform and achieve centralized management of their access and users.  

March 2023

Min Avg Analytic Page: New analytical page just released! It presents the Minimum and Average price per Product with an analysis of each competitor for a specific period chosen by the user.
The historicity we provide in our database is based on when we started tracking the product, the oldest record in our company is 2018 and can the user on this chart select a range of 60 days from 2018 to the present. 

Price Indexing Analytic Page: New analytical page just released! This page shows the indexing of your code against the competition at the level of categories and competitor brands. The history we provide in our database is based on when we started tracking the product, the oldest record in our company is 2019 and can the user on this chart select a 3-month range from 2019 to the present. 

New Filter for Market & Product History: There is now the ability to filter webshops on the Market History graph. Using the Multi-Select field "Include Shops", users can easily and quickly select which competitors they would like to track in terms of the product's price trend during the given time period. There is also now the ability to filter webshops on the Product History graph. Using the Multi-Select field "Exclude Shops", users can select which competitors they do not want to be included in the Average Price presented to them, in order to have a clearer picture of the product's price trend! 

Live monitoring update: We added 2 new filters to our live monitoring pages. The first one is the Category Filter on Price & Availability Live Monitoring Pages and the second one is the Exclude Availability Filter on Availability Live Monitoring Page 

February 2023

Two-factor Authentication: All our customers will now have the ability to activate 2FA through the User Management page. The switch to enable/disable is available for viewing by all users, but only Admin Users have the ability to use it. With the activation of this feature, a 6-digit code will be sent to the user's email with a validity of 5 minutes.

January 2023

MarketPlace Webshops Refactor (Marketplace, Distributor, BuyBox): We are introducing some changes in the labeling of the webshops' names and we also added a new price point. From now on the name of the webshops that include a marketplace in their website and also deliver the BuyBox Price. The changes will be as follows:

Old Label

New Label

Price Type in TGN Language - Cheapest Price

Marketplace Price - Distributor - Sold by

Distributor Price - BuyBox

BuyBox Price

MyPrice/MyAvailability on Price/Availability Alerts & LiveLogs: You can now see the price and availability of your own products in Price and Availability Alerts, respectively, as well as in the  Live Monitoring tab on our platform.

Store Excel Filters: We have added a new feature that allows users to save their selected columns in the Stores Excel report. They can use these filters to generate reports on demand and schedule emails with the selected filter. 

User Management: We have created a new administrator user role. Admins can activate or deactivate users from the user management page.

Show ALL  Every Analytic Page: There is a new row with all the data for each Analytic Page.  


December 2022

Dynamic Pricing on API: The Dynamic Pricing feature is now live on our API, providing greater flexibility for our customers who can use the help of their developers to create automations around tgndata's Dynamic Pricing! 

Price Index Grid and Price Trends Pages: The analytic page is now live.

Shared Accounts:  
We have implemented the function for our systems to remember so that the next time you log in, it will take you back to the same account. If you are not logged into your main account, you will receive a pop-up message informing you that you are currently logged in to another account and asking if you want to switch to your main account. 

November 2022

Switch Accounts/Invite User: You can now invite users to your account or switch between shared accounts. 

Price alerts: We have uploaded the new Price Alerts system and are migrating alerts from the old to the new platform! From now on, in price alerts, as well as in email reports, we take into account the user's time zone. You can also choose the times of the day you want to receive them (up to 6 times a day). There is no limit to how many competitors and SKUs you can choose. 

Brand Pricing: There are now separate prices for distributors and marketplace. For example, if you choose to drill down on a brand, you will get a separate analysis for Amazon distributor and one for marketplace! 

Dynamic Pricing: Dynamic Pricing is live with all the latest changes. 

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